Tuesday, 26 April 2011



Pain shot through Cush's spine like a red hot poker.  "Sheeeet!" he groaned, seeing white hot
stars and feeling quite dizzy.  Next minute, he was conscious of one big black hand, as big as
a dinner plate with fingers like a bunch of bananas, grabbing his arm and pulling him roughly up off
the floor
"I got ya bossman," said Councillor Mingin, still with that silly smirk all over his black face.

Cush dusted himself down and walked out to the waiting media who had stood back
respectfully.  The crowd roared all the louder.  "KILLERRRRRR!!  KILLERRRRR!"
The noise was deafening.

Someone thrust a microphone in front of him and mouthed something.  Cush shook his head.
"I can't hear over this noise," he roared back.  "Come inside the building up into my office."
He turned to walk back inside but something nudged his trouser leg.

Looking down, he saw a tiny little girl, all of three or four years of age, holding up one of the
placards featuring a photograph of a heap of baby flying foxes all wrapped up in little bunny
rugs like little babies. 

The little girl had huge, tragic, tear streaked eyes.  Bravely, she stared up at His Worship, the
Mayor of Cairns, Coloniel Ken Menzies Cush, veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan,  "Poor liddle
baby flying fuckers!" she wailed in a high pitched shriek which could be distinctly heard above
the roar of the crowd.

Cush stared horror-struck at the little monster, before she was grabbed by some bald headed,
heavily tattoed alien sporting dozens of rings and studs all over its face, presumeably the
monster's sperm or womb donor or whatever they called themselves these days.

Walking back inside the Council Chambers, Cush strode purposefully towards his own Mayor's
office looking for the Deputy Mayor, the Division 6 Councillor, Bob Horseman to share the media interview with.  Christ, he needed all the support he could get.  Horsey was a bloody good bloke and
backed him all the way.

They had both arrived in Cairns in 2011, retiring to a sea change.  Horsey had made his pile
as a developer on the Gold Coast, while he, Cush had had more than just a sea-change.
He had dumped his wife of forty years, Joyce, for twenty-six year old  Brandi, a sexy model
whom he had met one night out on the Gold Coast.  And unlike Horsey, who had plenty of
dough, he had a fast disasppearing retirement fund, thanks to Brandi's spending habits.

He spotted Councillor Enzo Bomboniere lurking in the passageway, and instinctively did
his Churchillian scowl.  Bomboniere represented Division 3, the suburbs of Bayview Heights,
Mt Sheridan, Portsmith, Whiter Rock and Woree.  His result in last years Council election
had been a cliff hanger, the closest result in any election in North Queensland in decades.
Bomboniere had defeated the popular Rob Pyne, the previous Councillor by a margin of
two votes.  Oh, there had been recounts and appeals, but at the end of the day, as Cush
said, the voters wanted a change.

Cush got off on the wrong foot with Bomboniere.  The party had arranged a meeting at one
of the big hotels in the city for all the candidates in the Council election of 2012 to get to
meet the media and the public.  His wife Brandi, looked a treat that night, with a sexy,
shimmering tight gown and he felt so proud having her on his arm. 

They had been standing in a circle with the Horsemans, Warren Entsch, the Federal Member
for Leichhardt, Kev Byrne a long ago former Mayor of Cairns and Mrs Byrne, and some
local party officials, having a drink and some cordial chat, when Cush noticed a tight little
group of people standing somewhat to the left of them, all talking animatedly in a strange

They were all dark skinned, dark haired people, and one woman was dressed in a black
pants suit and wearing a black scarf over her head.

Cush curled his lip.  "Look at that lot over there," he sneered, nodding in the direction of the
group of dark looking people.  "I fought the bloody Muslims for years, and just look at 'em
over there, yabbering away in their bloody lingo.  If they want to come over here, they
should all learn the Queen's English or go back to where they bloody come from."

Brandi squeezed his arm and leaned eagerly forward, eager to share her knowledge.  "They should dress as we do, too," she said with indignation.  "That woman looks disgusting with that awful scarf!"

There was a deep silence around the circle.  Finally, one of the women, Cush thought she might have been Secretary of the Cairns SEC, said in a small, hard voice:  "That is Enzo Bomboniere, the Candidate
for Division 3, and his family.  The woman in the pants suit is his Aunt Gina who has been
undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer.  She wears the scarf over her head because she has
no hair."

"Well, thank God for that then!" boomed Cush.

TGo be continued.........................

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