Wednesday, 4 May 2011



Cush was deep in thought as he finally entered the Mayor's office.  He now had a divided Council!
Still, he had the numbers to do whatever he wanted, when he wanted and if he wanted.  Then of course, he would just piss off and leave the bloody city.  Basically, all he wanted was to make himself a pile so he could retire in comfort somewhere, probably on the Gold Coast.  Whatever happened to Cairns when his term was up, he couldn't give a stuff.

He fired up his computer as he munched into the Danish pastries and checked his in-box for correspondence.  He noted the Council CEO wanted a chat with him.  He reckoned he couild give him maybe twenty minutes before he headed off to the Cairns Chamber of Commerce meeting at 11.30am.

He checked his emails, and instantly deleted five emails from Brandi.  Never saw 'em!  Never got them, he would tell Brandi later.  His eyes lit up as he spotted another one of those mysterious, anonymous emails he had been receiving in the past month.   Eagerly, he opened the email up.  There it was, sending his heart beating hard:-

Heeeeeeeeello there, you gorgeous man, you!
You are so masterful, so much in charge, so dynamic, so tough, so decisive.  A real man's man.  I dream I am marooned on an island with you.  In fact I dream about you an awful lot and it makes me wet, wet, wet..  I dream we are together in some place cosy, quiet and romantic.  Oh, let's say we will be.  We will be.  We will be soon, my hero.
From The One Who Loves You

Cush puffed up and smiled.  He had asked one of the I.T. boys to try and locate the source of the emails, (being careful just to provide him with the one email), because he reckoned it was coming from one of the women in administration in the Council offices.  However the I.T. boy had said the emails were being sent from various addresses, and from public internet facilities around town.  Cush's advice was that it would be impossible to find out who was sending them.   Still, Cush enjoyed them.  He knew he was attractive to many women, who found power and money wildly sexy.   Brandi was proof of that.  Although, whoever was sending the emails didn't know he wasn't as wealthy as he made out.  But that was his little secret.

There was a tentative knock on his door.  Cush yelled "Come in!" and Dom Piper nervously entered.
"Hope it's quick," Cush bawled.  "I've got a lot of work this morning."

Piper quivered visibly.  He wasn't a brave man but he had promised his wife Margie, that he would speak his mind with the Mayor today.

"Ugh," he stuttered, "It's about the flying foxes,"
Cush gave Piper his hard stare.  "What about 'em?" he snarled between clenched teeth.

Piper quivered again.  "You didn't have to kill them all!  The entire roost could have been re-located all alive to the hills or wherever.  Sydney and Melbourne have relocated roosts successfully...."

Cush broke in loudly.  "Don't you bloody think I took all of that into consideration?  And how much would it have cost the ratepayers of Cairns hey?  Hey?  And what about all the bloody bleeding heart looneys who would have turned out in force deliberately obstructing the relocation, hey?  What about that crowd of lefty looney shit faced manks you were playing up to yesterday, hey?"

Piper quivered and shook in his shoes.  Cush's voice rose higher and higher.  "And what the fuck were you doing standing up there on the platform like a mankey wanker with that black bastard Mingin and fucken Lovelady, hey?  Half the city could see you up there crackin' a fat over Lovelady standing up close to you!"

Piper took a deep breath.  The man's coarseness astounded him.  Oh sure, he knew Cush had spent most of hisa life in the army, but there were standards of civility!  He felt outraged.

"I resent what you just said!" he said firmly, surprising himself with how strong and upfront he sounded.

"Do you now?" roared Cush, standing up at his desk.  "Oh, do you now, you poncey, fairy little office accountant with the soft, lily white girly hands.  Well how about you just fuck off out of here before I give you something to REALLY resent!"

Cush looked so threatening that Dom Piper, Councillor for Division 7, didn't hesitate and he fled the Mayor's office as fast as his shaking legs could carry him.

He scurried past the CEO, Nigel Schwartz-Butler-Pegg, who was on his way to discuss the speech to the Cairns Chamber of Commerce later that morning, with His Worship, the Mayor.  Nigel thought he had done a good job, but the Mayor being the Mayor, always wanted more personal credit to be included and was quick to notice when there wasn;t enough self-congratulation in his speeches.  Fucken sociopathic fat arsed neanderthal toad, thought Nigel miserably, as he knocked on the Mayor's door.  How could the voters of Cairns get it so wrong after that last lady Mayor, he didn't know. 

He knew it.  Within a minute of sitting down, Cush had hit him with the inadequate praise in the speech.

"Listen mate," said Cush, "MY Council is the only fucken Council in the whole of Australia where we did not have to raise the rates one cent!  No other bloody Council anywhere in Australia was able to achieve that.  I reckon I deserver some cred, a fuck of a lot of cred on that.  The people loved it mate, they loved it."

Nigel nodded.  "Yes, but you should explain how that happened in your speech," he pointed out.
"You abolished the entire range of Community Services undertaken by the Council, including the ATSI Indigenous Advisory Council, the Mooroobool Community Centre, the Disability Services......."

"So I did," Cush agreed.  "All rubbish which were costing the ratepayers dearly.  I mean for fuck's sake, what the hell is a Council doing administering such rubbish as  Multicultural Information and bloody Peace Week."

"and you abandoned all the Community Grants Scheme." finished Nigel.

"Too right I did," said Cush proudly.  "Bloody wasting money on things such as a Ukulele Festival, I mean, for fucks' sake and some looney bloody arty farty thing called Changing Lanes.  Damned right, we've changed lanes!" 

Cush scanned the speech again.  "I like the way you mentioned that the sale of that waterfront land was a complicated sale, which it was." 

Nigel squirmed.  He, too suspected that some scam had been carried out from the sale of the waterfront land, however he didn't want to dwell on it too long.  He just hoped to God the scam was never uncovered.

"and we abandoned all that nonsense about bike lanes, and saved ourselves several million dollars of ratepayers monies."

"So," said Cush, "wrapping it all up, we were able to bring down a Budget whereby we didn't have to raise the rates at all, because we were fiscally RESPONSIBLE and abandoned all the looney projects from the previous administration, plus sold the land the previous lunatic Mayor wanted to build a fucken entertainment precinct on or whatever she called it."

Cush leaned back in his chair and beamed.  'The Council has done really well since I became Mayor!"

"Yes, Sir," said Nigel, forcing his enthusiasm.

"It's probably the best damn fucken Council in the whole of Australia," said Cush.


Dom Piper scurried back to his Councillor's desk and sat shakily down.  Retrieving a handkerchief, he wiped perspiration from his forehead.  He loathed himself for his cowardice.  He had never had much guts in his life. 
"Are you alright there mate?" asked a kindly voice.
Dom looked up to see Enzo Bomboniere, the Division 3 Councillor, standing close by with a worried look on his face.
Dom stared hard at Enzo.  Could he trust him, he wondered.  He took a punt.
"Just had a row with Cush," he muttered.  "The man's a bloody sociopath or something."
Enzo stared back.  Could he trust Dom Piper, he wondered.  He decided he could try.
"In my books, he's a true blue sociopath," he said slowly.  "Lovelady and Mingin reckon he is too."
Dom gulped.  "What are we going to do?" he asked, looking up at Bomboniere.



  1. Brilliant stuff, keep it coming!

  2. Thanks Anon. Glad you like it. I intend to keep it coming.

  3. I think it is great reading as well. However you were a bit wobbly there in the beginning Terry. I note "Brandi" has a competitor for Cush's affections. Am I trying to peek too far ahead here: does Brandi prove the undoing of Cush?? Hell hath no fury etc. etc. and a woman like Brandi would not give up her "prestige" and "status" of being the "First Lady" without a fight.

  4. Glad to see you have finally enabled Comments. Agreed, a bit wobbly there in the beginning, also a little short of Council protocols perhaps?
    But overall, not bad at all.

  5. I agree with athena. It looks to me as if Brandi will eventually smote Cush down to the ground (where he belongs). These women are nothing but shallow, self-absorbed gold diggers, out for all they can get.

  6. athena and Liz, I can't tell you thre story-line in advance. However, agreed, Brandi is more than babelicious!! Keep on reading to see what happens. Thanks for your comments.